Top 5 – to navigate mum’s life

Mum’s life can be busy, filled with endless tasks, maybe a bit draining. Equally it’s super rewarding and fun too. Here are my top 5 to ensure we, mothers, are being able to be on top of things, so that we can stay healthy, switch on and achieving.

1. In this modern day, the challenge is being present. Phone out, because needing to capture the moment, send a message and update my story on Instagram. If we do this all the time, this means, we are missing the people in front of us.

Is your little one start showing interest on your smart phone? Already know how to press and swipe? Soon he will take your phone and get glued to it. You don’t want to be like this?  

Challenge yourself with no electronics (including phone and social media) for at least a couple of hours a day. YES, you heard me right, I mean, no photo taking and videoing of your baby at that time for a few hours a day, at least.

Just be present. Enjoy the moments. Look at your child’s face through your own eyes, not through the screen, look at her smile, touch her and smell her. The undivided attentions to your little one means the world to them. These memories will imprint in their brains.  Don’t let technology get in the way of human connections.

2. Do one thing that is creative, playful and fun, it can be anything, on your own or others. Creativity stimulates our adult brains, allows us to view and solve problems more openly with innovation. It break up the routines, help you to be you and have a mental break. It can be something very small, like making a rice shaker, DIY photoshoot, arranging the house plants or even writing a poem.

3. Connect with other adults. From friends, family or even a professional zoom calls. I did it so many times. Even joint in for public speaking group while having a baby next to me. I asked what’s stopping me? Nothing and no-one is. Go for it. Even going out in the evening. It’s okay to go out. Trust your partner, they can do a good job if you let them.

4. Do something productive. , Here you need to think beyond housework and cooking meals, as they have no ends. Set your realistic goals for a particular timeframe. Be kind to yourself when things are not finished. Not everything is in your control. Remember the purpose of motherhood is not getting your home perfect. Rest when your baby is napping. It is so tempting to tick off the to-do list during nap time, but give yourself a break at some point.

There are many ways to be productive, like…

  • organise a day trip/ holiday
  • explore a new coffee shop
  • take a good rest

Totally, you can write your own definition. The key is though, don’t be a task master. Be kind to yourself

5. Check in with your feelings by making a mental note at least once a day. Asking honestly, how are you feeling? Whatever that emotion is, explore without judgement but with a curious mind and learn what make you feel that particular way. Bonus points, you can draw a picture to describe your feelings, then you are checking in with yourself as well as doing something creative and productive. One stone THREE birds.

Oh well, you may ask, this is not a routine. Very much, it is not. These are just inspirations. Want more? Follow me on IG.

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