Elsa helped with the fact that I could help myself, put everything in the right place. As in I felt I was reorganizing everything and could see more clearly what path to follow and how to follow it. The coaching session guide me when I felt stuck, but not being told what to do. It gave me tools to empower me to process my thoughts when I feel overwhelmed.

Valnessa, Healthcare, Coaching Client, London

I enjoyed Elsa’s gentle, patient style style with good practical suggestions in the session. The handout and graph helped a lot to give a concrete form to thoughts and ideas. We tackled mum’s guilt and I just booked myself a spa day!

Nina, Education, Coaching Client, London

The timing, the topic and the mood of the discussion went very well. Elsa allowed me to talk about what I feel, what I wanted to address and she supported me to be open about it. When I was doubting what I wanted to say, she held me to account and brought me back to the goal. It benefited me as it made me realise I shouldn’t use the word ‘TRY’, as I know I wanted to change, so I need to ‘DO’. I felt comfortable, didn’t feel awkward talking about my personal life. I felt calm and hopeful for a friendly chat.

Sanit, Film Industry, Coaching Client, London