The next stop is Dreamland

Are you too scared to dream big? Are you sitting here doubting and shaming your brain – are you stupid or something? Telling yourself whatever you are thinking of is won’t come true, forget it. Two years later, you are still at the same spot and that dream pops up once again, same conversation loops. How annoying!!

Speaking from the bottom of my heart, creating your dream and making ideas become reality – that actually your own job. Nobody can delivery your dream except you, as you are the mastermind.


Are you too scared to tell other what you are dreaming of?

Fear of being laughed at?

Worry that the idea is too big?

Tell you what… Everyone has a dream. Sadly not some people decide just to sit on it though. I really hope this is not you and me.

Bring your dream to reality is a journey.

Today, right now, right here, you can take one baby step, which is to learn how to talk about your dream comfortably and confidently. These mini speeches give you reassurance and headspace; in fact, these are invitation for people to be part of your life. You don’t need to play solo to make your ideas a reality; let the community help you. Being about to talk then you will be able to think about it, plan about it and act on it, learn from it and ace it!

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