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A perfect gift for you if you experience the feeling that you’re stuck in your career or as a new mum. Maybe a bit of both?

Here’s some of things that might be happening:

  • Mum guilt
  • Fear you’re not good enough
  • Overwhelmed with tasks and stuff
  • Procrastinating, busy but not effective
  • Anxious about making decisions, can’t stop overthinking things
  • You compare yourself negatively to others
  • You drag having important conversation because you are fear of rejection
  • Feel being judged all the time
  • Feel you have to please everyone
  • Rushing for no good reasons
  • Lack of ‘me time’

You’ve read all the parenting and self-help books, spent hours on podcast for motivations and searching for new inspirations on Instagram. You’ve been trying to sort yourself out but you are just trapped by self-doubt, fear, mum guilt and can’t stop overthinking everything.

Without support, it can be difficult to see how we’re holding ourselves back. We know we’re the source of our problem. You are trying your best to be organised, maybe by making a to-do list; and this list grows so looooong.

Hey friend, ……..pause and take a deep breath right now…….. Do you know we are your solutions too?

Elsa is a certified coach as well as a specialist pharmacist in Women and Children, she has been helping people get better in many different ways for years. In her coaching sessions, Elsa creates a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment. She blends her scientific knowledge and experiences in coaching to help you be your best self, both physically and emotionally.

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